Big Money Mindset

“It is merely another zero… inch I laugh. “What? very well He asks. “Wait… your serious? ” I respond. “Hell yes I was serious!! Are you worried of a zero? very well I could not react.

He got me. We guess I was scared of a zero. Big profits scared me. Was it the chance of the deal or the fact that Some imagine I could earn that kind of money? Up to that time I was doing deals making $12, 000 to $20, 1000, which was decent money, but nowhere near my potential. I remember the first year I found 6 figures on my tax return. I used to be very proud of that 12 months. Now I wonder how I could live on that income. What improved? My mindset.

Recently a friend of mine and i also went to a commercial real real estate investing conference. I was blown away by the standard of the attendees. People as of this conference are not workshop junkies. These people apply what they learn and take chances. I was hearing stories about revenue on single deals of 2, 3 and 4 million dollars. Many people I spoke with started out in the fix and flip business, but none of them of them were ready to check out a tiny deal like that again. What transformed for them? Their mentality.

We shared an area and went out each nighttime to network with other attendees, so we acquired a lot of time to chat. He pointed out to me a couple of times that he is excited where his business is heading which is excited to make the money he can finally making. He is making 7 figures a yr. “I know I work hard, ” he said to me “I can choose to work hard for $100, 000 a year earning a living for a company or I can knuckle down, take some chances, and make $1, 000, 500 a year doing bargains. ” I started working with him when this individual was fixing and flicking houses. Now he will probably not look at a package without $200, 000 in profits. What changed for my buddy? His mindset.

To some this may sound egotistic. It is not world of one at all. In reality, almost all of the wealthy people I meet, including everyone I met at that seminar, are extremely very humble and open. The big difference is they know their value. They put a value on their commitment and will be paid for that. Your brain will not allow them to accept less. That simple shift has allowed these to make big money. Below are a few head shifts which may have helped myself turn $10, 000 or $20, 000 deals into $100, 000 or two-hundred dollar, 000 deals.

I should have to be rich. Presently there is no deficit of money to earn. There is not any scarcity. Anyone that would like to be rich can be. Everyone deserves it however, not everyone is ready to do what it takes. I understand that I deserve to be rich, with the understanding that it does not come free. I need to work hard and make smart decisions and then I can have anything I want. Seem at it this way. Some people make several figures a year and drive their companies into bankruptcy. If they can earn 7 figures, why can’t you?

Think long term. This is not a race and not a get rich quick business. It is about building relationships and committing for the future. The quick profit game is played and lost all the time. I see it with investors, Real estate agents, lenders, and others on a regular basis. They will are so enthusiastic about the commission or fee, that they miss to take care of men and women and add value. I give attention to adding value and taking attention of clients and associates. My reward for your over time has been a regular growing company that pays off me each and every month and a repository of vendors, partners, and deal finders that are looking to work with me to make big deals happen.

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