Zika Virus Studies Can Lead to a Better Understanding of the Cause and Treatment of Autism

Public welfare authorities have traditionally recently been slow in responding to the threats posed by new infections. One of the most glaring example over the last several decades has been HIV; an infection that still infects millions of individuals worldwide. Minimal efforts were made to contain highly pathogenic methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) bacteria when first identified. After having a rather long wait, authorities mounted a supportive respond to Ebola computer virus, but the disease subsided before medical therapies could be developed and effectively evaluated. The world is actually challenged with horrendous types of children born without normal brains due to the transmission of Zika disease during pregnancy. Zika computer virus infected pregnant women aren’t currently being treated. Somewhat the emphasis within the National Institutes of Wellness (NIH) is on the future progress vaccines and anti-viral drugs. Rudimentary anti-mosquito measures are also imagined to help minimize further infections. try The Ultimate Herpes Protocol

Markedly reduced mind circumference (microcephaly) is being reported in some of the infants born to Zika infected mothers. When other infants from contaminated mothers might not exactly show the reduced head size, there are numerous indications that they too will be neurologically impaired. In a year or two, many of these less afflicted children will likely show top features of autism. This will be a painful reminder of the disregard by public health authorities of evidence displaying the occurrence of lively virus infections in children with autism. The infections were characterized as being stealth adapted simply because they performed not evoke an other response, the normal characteristic associated with an infectious disease. On stealth adaptation is an universal process that can possibly occur using viruses by the loss or modification of the relatively few viral genes that code components targeted by the cellular immune system. On stealth adapted viruses have recently been implicated in many health problems, but especially those with neuropsychiatric symptoms, including children with autism.

Public Wellness authorities chose not to acknowledge stealth adaptation once it was reported that some of the malware were derivatives of Black green monkey simian cytomegalovirus (SCMV). This finding outlined the industry bias of the Food and Medication Administration (FDA) when they chose not to widely disclose a 1972 research showing that SCMV afflicted monkeys ended uphad recently been used to produce live polio virus vaccine. Right now there was additional discomfort with the suggestion that the testing of cytomegalovirus infected experimental polio vaccines in chimpanzees was an encomiable explanation for the origins of HIV.

Infected humans and experimentally inoculated pets or animals remain able to restore from infections with precautionary adapted viruses. This suggests that the body is not wholly dependent after proof system in order to suppress virus infections. Additionally, lymphocytes and antibodies, which are the major pieces of acquired immunity, only developed with the evolution of vertebrates. Empirical findings from the inside the field of complementary and alternate medicine (CAM) support non-pharmaceutical methods of healing. However these efforts tend to be discouraged by government authorities overly influenced by pharmaceutical corporations.

Continued research on stealth adapted malware discovered a major non-immunological anti-virus defense mechanism that is mediated by an alternative cellular energy (ACE) pathway. This pathway is distinct from cellular energy derived from the metabolism of food or when it comes to plants and certain bacterias, from the energy obtained from photosynthesis. Accordingly, the ACE pathway is also referred to as the third energy pathway of nature. It really is expressed as an added dynamic (kinetic) activity of fluids as a result of the absorption of an external force termed KELEA (kinetic energy limiting electrostatic attraction). A fundamental role of this force in nature is likely to stop the fusion of resisting electrical charges. It can also weaken the hydrogen bonding between molecules and presumably add kinetic motion to the loosened compounds. KELEA activated water for consumption can easily be prepared by simply subjecting the to various energy fields. It can be produced by adding certain ingredients to the water. After the water becomes activated, the compounds can be removed by filtration or by sequential dilutions, as in effective homeopathy.

Given the urgency of the case, Zika infected pregnant women should at least be offered the opportunity of taking part in a clinical trial with KELEA activated water. The activated water can be immediately tested in Zika disease and/or stealth adapted computer virus inoculated animals to help optimize protocols.

It is likely that individuals eating KELEA activated water share an aura that is somewhat repelling to pests including mosquitos. It really is even possible that the capability of mosquitos to avoid Zika virus infection may be increased if they were also to take in KELEA activated water.

A great understanding by public health authorities of the reason of why studies should be performed using KELEA activated water in Zika infected women that are pregnant will encourage efforts to obtain a similar approach to the prevention and remedy of autism, a stealth modified virus illness. Furthermore, data have been presented for the benefits of boosting the ACE pathway in the suppression of infections induced by HIV, herpes simplex virus, herpes zoster malware and human papillomaviruses.

A lingering question is why the Zika virus is apparently triggering more embrionario abnormalities than in prior years. It will be possible that co-infection with a stealth tailored virus is facilitating the transplacental passage of Zika virus to the unborn child. It would be not too difficult for government virologists to attempt such studies and now confront the lifestyle of stealth adapted malware.

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