The Root of Silk Fabric

Cotton fiber which is a natural protein fibre can sometimes be woven into textiles. The most superior kind of silk can be obtained from the cocoons, the larvae of mulberry bags silkworm Bombyx mori in captivity. Silks fabrics are produced by several other insects also, but only the silk of moth worm has been used for the textiles developing. Silks can be commonly produced by the insects like bees, wasps and ants.

The silk cultivation process is known as sericulture. China (54%) and India (14%) are the most crucial amidst more than 30 countries which produced silk. 

Cotton fabric was developed in ancient China for the first time in the world. According to the legend an Empress of China named Lei Über is credited for the development of silk. Silk sheets were actually preserved for the Chinese kings as they used to gift idea them to others and use for their own purpose. But little by little it became popular in many parts of Asia and later across the world. Silk soon became one of the most popular stylish fabric in different parts of Chinese marketplaces for their texture and stand out. While using growing demand it soon became an crucial part of international control in pre-industrial era.

India is the second most significant producer of silk to China. Silk is known as ‘Paat’ in Far eastern part of India, ‘Pattu’ in South India and in Hindi or Urdu it is popular as ‘Resham’. It has a long root in India. Recent archaeological discoveries that sericulture used to can be found in Chanhu-Daro and Harappa at the time of the Indus civilization. The large amount of silk sheets are produced in the states like Karnataka, Western world Bengal (Malda & Murshidabad district) and Bihar (Bhagalpur). India also has the most significant consumer base in the worldwide silk market. Inside the southern part of India wearing cotton saris at weddings is still a tradition for brides. Silk is considered as the symbol of royalty, while attending to duties, at the event by those belong to upper class. According to history, silk was worn by the upper classes as the poor used cottons.

These days silk is generally used as dress materials across the globe. It is absorbency makes it comfortable to wear it at any time specially in summer. Silk is frequently used as different clothing such as shirts, jewelry, blouses, kmonos and many more. It is also used as a quantity of furniture applications an attractive sheen and man made fiber drapes for many furniture applications such as wall structure coverings, curtains and shades can be used (when mixed with other fibers), carpets, bedding and carpets and rugs because of its glow drape. Silk clothes are also used as a materials for writing and painting.

Silk fabric should always be bought from wholesale shop. If the amount is large then it would much better that you should opt for a wholesale silk fabric shop rather than a price tag shop as it would save a lot of money.

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