The Everlasting Plastic Shopping Bag

A lot of us have them by the hundreds. They pile up in our pantries because we just can’t seem to be to throw them away. If only it were some type of foreign currency, it could solve our place’s debt issues. sacolas plasticas personalizadas

It’s the plastic shopping bag.

Apartmentites, it’s time for you to get those creative juices flowing. We all know those little hand bags are re-usable, which explains why we stuff them on the space in the pantry or under the sink. Nevertheless what can we use them for? 

We’ve put together a tiny set of helpful ideas that may put that balled up wad of 1000 plastic carriers to good use. The next time try re-using those plastic material bags as a/an:

Umbrella-ella-ella- It’s raining outside therefore you don’t want to get your hair wet? Convenient. Cover your head with a plastic shopping tote. ***MAKE SURE NOT TO COVER YOUR FACE OR PERHAPS INHIBIT BREATHING***

Abrasive Scrubber- Need something to clean the grime off from your grill or scrub the tub? Go ahead and wad up a few bags into a clear plastic ball-like sponge and wash away.

Trash Bag- Most likely the most frequent use, we all know that these luggage make great trash hand bags for the kitchen, bathroom, office, or bedroom. They will work really great in the car too!

Routine laundry Bags- Sure, one handbag probably won’t fit all of your laundry, but fill a few vinyl bags up with your dirties and suddenly you have yourself some cheap laundry bags.

Pooper Scooper- Gross, I know, but if you are without an actual scoop and need something to decide on up Fido’s feces, nothing at all comes in more convenient than a plastic shopping bag. Also, works great to line Mittens’ litter box box too.

Packing Material- Forget those little nuts that get everywhere. The moment packing the fragile items in boxes for your next move, stuff plastic material shopping bags all around the items inside the box to insure their safety. Heck minus a lot of stuff to move, you could even use the plastic luggage as your “boxes. inches

Scrubs- Need a quick foot cover? Tie one of those bad kids on each foot and suddenly you have cheap and straightforward scrubs. You can also do the same task over dirty shoes to keep the carpet clean. (Don’t try to use them to walk on water though. It will not work)

Doggie Bags/Lunch Box- Another common use, plastic shopping bags are likely to work great for sending those leftovers home with dinner guests or sending Junior to college with a packed lunch time.

Organizational Bins- Need to keep some things distinguish and organized? Use luggage labeled with a sharpee.

Recycle them- Many marketplaces and grocery stores now offer some type of recycling program for these bags, so if you don’t want to reuse them around the apartment… check there for recycling where possible options.

We’re able to go on and on about the different uses that plastic shopping bags can be used and expect that those few ideas can get you began on some of your own uses.

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